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Patients & Family

Patient and Family Meeting - April 4th 2017 

The Patient and Family Meeting, hosted by Austin Health on April 4th 2017 was the first of 2 meetings held annually in Melbourne. This meeting was jointly supported by the GTC, TRAMS, VRSS, ICU and the Victorian Spinal Cord Service and provided an opportunity to meet patients and their families who have had or have a tracheostomy and hear some exciting updates about tracheostomy care around the world. Click links below for further information.

Patient Brochure




TRAMS Community

For patients who have a long term tracheostomy tube


TRAMS Community follows patients who have a tracheostomy   tube (no ventilation requirements) who are discharged home from Austin Health.

The Victorian Respiratory Support Service (VRSS) manages patients who have a tracheostomy and ventilation.


TRAMS Community Services:

Discharge planning
Education for patients and carers
Clinical Nurse Consultant home visits
Assistance with purchase and maintenance of equipment
Tracheostomy tube changes
Allied health support and therapy