TRAMS: Excellence in Tracheostomy Care

Austin TRAMS


The Tracheostomy Review and Management Service (TRAMS) is an innovative consultative service developed at Austin Health in 2002. This expert TRAMS tracheostomy team consists of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and speech pathologists. The TRAMS team has managed thousands of patients who have a tracheostomy tube and who are cared for outside of the ICU. The tracheostomy team was highly commended during the 2005 Victorian Health Care Awards in the Innovations in Models of Care category.

TRAMS Mission

Services Provided by Tracheostomy Team

Mark Howard Dr-Mark Howard

Medical Director VRSS/TRAMS

Dr-Naomi Atkins

MBBS M (Bioethics) FRACP, TRAMS Medical Lead, Respiratory and Sleep Physician 

Tanis Cameron Tanis Cameron

MA SLP, Manager, TRAMS, Senior clinician

Joanne Sweeney Joanne Sweeney

B App Sc, (Speech Pathology), M App Ling, Director, Speech Pathology

Stephen Warrillow Dr-Stephen Warrillow

FCICM FRACP, Director of Intensive Care, Senior Clinical Fellow, The University of Melbourne

Christine Knee Chong

B Sc (Nursing), Post-grad Cert Crit Care, MPH, Clinical Nurse Consultant, TRAMS

Prue Gregson Prue Gregson

BSpPath, Senior Speech Pathologist TRAMS and ICU

Renee Bartlett 

B Sc (Nursing), Post-grad Cert Crit Care, Clinical Nurse Consultant, TRAMS

Charissa Omsky Charissa Omsky

BSpPath, Speech Pathologist, PhD candidate,TRAMS 

Quevy Vu Quevy Vu

B Sc (Nursing), Clinical Nurse Consultant, TRAMS

Jack Ross Jack Ross

B App Sc (Physiotherapy), Senior Physiotherapist, TRAMS and Spinal

Caroline Chao Caroline Chao

BPhysio, MPhysio (Cardioresp), Senior Physiotherapist

Lucy Fritze 

BSpPath, Speech Pathologist, TRAMS 

Catherine Tesoriero 

BspPath, speech Pathologist, TRAMS 

Mary Larsen 

Bsc (Nursing),  Post-grad Cert Crit Care, Clinical Nurse Consultant, TRAMS

Vanessa Romanovski Vanessa Romanovski

Administrative Assistant