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Tracheostomy Patient and Family Forum 2020

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5th ITS 2019- Patient and Family Sessions

We had an amazing Patient and Family Session at our 5th ITS, 11 October 2019.

We started with a three continent update on various initiatives, projects and events occuring in Australia, the USA and the UK between patients, families, clinicians and other GTC centres. 

Then Daisy Xu (tracheostomy patient collaborator) and Dr Jeanette Tamplin (Asutin Health music therapist) gave a phenomenal session on music therapy and virtual reality which ended with a life performance by Daisy and Jeanette. 

Our last session was absolutely very humbling as our patients and families took to the stage and shared their inspiring stories,journeys and perspectives. 

True colloboration between patients, families and clinicians  resonated throughout the day   




Festive Forum 24 November 2020 

TRAMS Austin Health in conjunction with VRSS and the GTC are planning our next Patient and Family Forum on 24 November 2020. 

                                        Watch this space for further details 


Austin Health Consumer Engagement 2018

On the 17th of October 2018 TRAMS was awarded a Highly Commended Certificate in recognition of our outstanding consumer engagement for hosting our annual Patient and Family Tracheostomy Forums. The TRAMS team presented a poster (see below) of our project amongst four other finalists. We are very excited to showcase our partenrship with tracheostomy patients and families. 



Patient Brochure




TRAMS Community

For patients who have a long term tracheostomy tube


TRAMS Community follows patients who have a tracheostomy   tube (no ventilation requirements) who are discharged home from Austin Health.

The Victorian Respiratory Support Service (VRSS) manages patients who have a tracheostomy and ventilation.


TRAMS Community Services:

Discharge planning
Education for patients and carers
Clinical Nurse Consultant home visits
Assistance with purchase and maintenance of equipment
Tracheostomy tube changes
Allied health support and therapy