Terms and Conditions 2021

TRAMS is pleased to share our resources comprising interprofessional policies, clinical procedures and clinical instruction sheets with the understanding that this information has been developed for the use of Austin Health and was specifically designed for Austin Health circumstances. Outside of Austin Health, it is each individual’s and/or organisation’s sole responsibility to assess the appropriateness of the information for use in their organisation. Austin Health shall not be liable for any claims or loss arising from the use of any information contained in this literature when used by an organisation outside of Austin Health. Austin Health will not routinely provide updates to these and it is the responsibility of the user to ensure the currency of the information used within their organisation.


Austin Health clinical practice relates to the use of the products shown or described in this literature. If other products are used, this information will not apply. When using a particular manufacturer’s product, refer to the manufacturer’s specifications and recommendations.


Copyright © 2021 Austin Health. All rights reserved. Other clinicians and institutions are granted license to use these policies and procedures and to modify them for their own purposes, but are not authorised to resupply the material outside of their organisation. It is a condition of this license that users acknowledge Austin Health TRAMS within all educational and promotional activities where this information is used.